Activity Club

You’ll love the reliability and flexibility, and your child will love our proven early education curriculum and fun, safe, secure environment.

The Activity Club at Cradle

We aim to urge youngsters to put down their phones, tablets, video games, and other electronic gadgets at an age when children are becoming less active. We try to show children that physical activity can be pleasurable as well as a great way for them to socialise with other kids.

We want to provide a safe environment for all children, regardless of age or ability. We encourage our children to participate in all activities, to help others, to make new friends, to be confident, to express themselves, and, most importantly, to have FUN.

There are several advantages for both you and your child, and you can begin when they are newborns and continue through school age and beyond.

Different programmes provide various benefits, but each session provides your child with several long-term benefits